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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Sort of an Update

I haven't really felt like doing much lately, other than laying down & praying I won't throw up anymore (trust me when it's a 3 to 15 time a day occurrence you'd be doing the same thing). Thanks to my really fun diet which consists mostly of pretzels, french fries with extra salt, & Yellow Gatorade, as of this morning I'm 13 pounds less than when we started this party. Somehow everything must be redistributing to my stomach because it has definitely gotten bigger. No worries when it comes to the Little Critter, as I've heard my Dad tell many patients through the years, babies are like parasites & will take what they need regardless of how you're doing.

We had all sorts of fun stuff planned for this summer, but so far I've not been able to go anywhere... except on an occasional trip to the laundry room to throw another load in the washer and dryer (at least I don't hate it as much as I used to- it's hard to hate one of your only forms of activity). I also go over to my parents house every few days for a change of scenery. June 17th & 18th Jon had to go solo to his brother's wedding in Dallas, which made me very sad because I really wanted to be there with him. We were going to be going to my sister's in Charleston, SC tomorrow, & then all of the family drive up to Wake Forest, NC for another family friend's wedding, but I'm just not going to be able to do it.

That's enough of the boring-depressing stuff. There have been some really good things happen too. Our Pastor Gene Huntzinger had to leave town for 4 weeks due to meetings and other speaking engagements, and he asked my Dad to fill in on Father's Day. He was nervous about it because he's never been asked to fill in & give a sermon before. Here is the Link if anyone is interested in hearing his sermon. Just hit the media player next to June 19 Dr. Tom Wilson. He doesn't like public speaking, but I thought he did a very good job, and was so proud of him.

Another exciting thing that has happened is my dear friend Jean Houghton Beatty sent the Little Critter a Paddington Bear that has been in her office helping her write books, & waiting for just the right person to give him to. She got him a couple years ago in England when she went to visit her brother in the Lake District. He looks just like the one below.Jean is from Liverpool, but now lives in Charlotte, NC. If you've followed my blog for very long you will remember that I've written about her books. She is such a great author, and has just had her second book made available on Amazon Kindle. Which is really exciting because up until now, I've had one of the few copies of it that she wrote in for me, so NO way Jose' was I going to let someone take it out of my house to borrow because I didn't want to risk not getting it back. Her two books are Stoney Beck & Different Drummers. She expects Different Drummers will be available in paperback sometime next year. I read both books in only 2 days each. They're so good you won't want to put them down.

I had the Big Book of Paddington, but was disappointed to discover that the stories weren't in it, so Mom got this collection of 38 Paddington Stories for me to read to the Little Critter when it gets big enough for story time (which was always mine & my sister Jordan's favorite time)!

My Sister crocheted Little Critter a beautiful baby afghan. I was so excited when the package arrived. She also got the baby a sleeveless shark shirt for him or her to wear next summer for Shark Week. If you know my sister, then you know that Shark Week is a big deal. She even wrote a funny e-mail a couple years ago to the whole family to remind us of the up coming event. In case you didn't know Shark Week is always in July, so no you haven't missed out on it this year. If you want to get in on the action, turn your TVs to the Discovery Channel in a few days.

The best news is that last Thursday I was feeling good enough to get out of the house, so Mom went with me to Wal-mart & TJmaxx because I needed to get my sister & cousin Morgan something for their birthday. Mom got to feeling hungry, so we went through Chick fil A, this made us decide on the spur of the moment to run by Jon's store to take him some lunch. On the way down 40th, which has become a terribly busy street since there is so much construction on the main roads, I spotted what looked like a kitten in the middle of our lane. Several cars had already driven right over it, & it was hugging the ground. We couldn't stop until right after we went over it & the two cars behind us did as well. Mom pulled over & I got out of the car & retrieved her. She was paralyzed with fear. From there we went straight to the vet because I didn't know if she'd been hit by a car, and I figured it would be more humane for them to do it if she needed to be put down than for her to be killed in traffic. Thankfully, she was alright. She favors her back right leg, but it is getting stronger everyday. She's almost 6 weeks old, and is the sweetest, most loving little thing you've ever met. She's my Mom's new baby, and she has named her June Bug Cleaver Wilson ;)Yesterday while the housekeeper was at Mom's, June Bug came over & played at my house all day. She helped me fold clothes, and then fell asleep in the pile of clean socks. I can't tell you how much she has cheered me up.

My animals are all behaving very well, except Zipper who has been permanently banished to the big screened in porch over a week ago due to his very unsavory habit of urinating "outside the box." With a baby coming that is one thing that we can't deal with. We still love him, and he can come in from time to time as long has he's under constant supervision. No need to worry about him, he's always preferred it out on the porch, & he's as happy as a lark out there.
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