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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some of the Best things are British

You have to hand it to the English, some of the coolest things are British. Their accents are 10 times prettier than ours. They have some awesome architecture.

Super Cool Cars. Even their Cabs are awesome!
They definitely beat us out when it comes to the Television & Music industry.

They have the Best Place to shop & the coolest designers.

They even have the Best children's stories.

The only thing they can't hold a candle to is our FOOD ;) Americans, especially Southerners have some of the best food on earth. We have Cajun, TEX-MEX, & all things Fried! Anyways, that was my Random blog entry for the day, talk to you soon!


I really love looking at other people's decorating styles, & I admire the Scandanavian style all white clean crisp home, but I think that it would make me crazy. I have always had a love for color & lots of it! When I see something I like for my house, I don't ever worry too much about whether it will match. I like what I like, and sooner or later it will all fit together. I guess that's the eccentric eclectic artist in me talking. (pictured above) Ralphie likes my colorful plaid winter quilt & the tissue paper that was in my Valentine's bag from Jon.

Took this picture with my iPhone, but it is my latest painting I decided to make a fun crazy quilt.

My Romero Britto Coasters make me smile!

This box reminds me of my trip to Europe with pictures from Paris, Rome, & London on it.

These muy fantastico silouette book ends were my latest splurg at Target.
As a little girl Garfield was my FAVORITE cartoon & I was obsessed with him. My mom got these when I was still young & they were always in her kitchen until about a year ago. Now they live on my kitchen countertop.

For some reason I think this little cow creamer is the epitomy of classic kitchen heritage. I don't know why, but the moment I saw this little thing I had to have it.

This little picture has always been a motto of mine... If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you look at it! I'm always changing things up a bit here and there. With the help of a box of butterfly wallies, a bright shower curtain, & shuffling a few things around in the house my bathroom is now a bright butterfly theme.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts!

I hope you have all had a wonderful fun Valentine's Day with the ones you love. My sweetie got me flowers, a balloon, chocolates, & a couple other cute little things, but my main present was the Pandora Wedding Cake Charm. I was not expecting it, but I have really liked that charm for a while, so I was very excited. I can't stop long, I'm off to set up with helping my mom photograph a wedding tonight :) Hugs & Kisses to you all !!
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