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Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's been awhile since I've actually had any time to sit down at my computer, so I haven't been the best blogger. Thank you to everyone who wished Jon & me a happy anniversary. Our anniversary weekend was filled with emotion. We had a great day, but the end of it was filled with saddness because my friend's father passed away. I have known Emily & her family since I was 3, & we went to school & had almost all of the same classes from Pre-K through High School Graduation. As an adult I had the priviledge of working in the same operating room with her dad on several occasions. My dad (an OBGYN) & her dad (a pediatrician) have worked side by side since our family moved to Texarkana over 23 years ago, & our moms are friends. I wrote a blog post talking about Dr. Burns & his pizza making skills back in June you can read about it here Dr. Burns was a Green Beret, and earned a Bronze Star & a Purple Heart for his service in the Vietnam War, but not many people even knew that side of him. I didn't even know it until 4 or 5 years ago, & I was completely astounded because he was always the kindest, most gentle, soft spoken man. Even in the midst of very stressful situations where I have seen many other doctors snap at nurses & lose their tempers, I never heard him raise his voice or talk down to anyone. Some people want their lives to really make waves, and they believe that in order to leave a lasting impression they have to draw a lot of attention to themselves. Dr. Burns never tried to draw any attention to himself, but had a quiet dependable presence that many came to rely on in ways that they didn't even realize until after he was gone. He tried to live his life in service to God and to others, and in turn has left a legacy that will not be forgotten.
Jon & I had just finished eating our dinner at one of the restaurants at the Gaylord Texan when my phone rang with the news that he had suddenly passed away with a heart attack. Somehow, sad things have a way of happening on days that are supposed to be happy. My best friend Jacqueline Poulos drowned in Galveston on Mother's day when we were very young. My cousin Catherine turned 25 & found out she was expecting her first child the same day our grandfather Papa passed away. Mine & Jon's 3rd anniversary was the last time we saw my grandmother MayMay before she passed way on Thanksgiving day, 3 days later. Right after I got the news about Dr. Burns I couldn't help but ask God, "Why do these things always seem to happen when it's supposed to be a happy day?" Over the past week I've come to understand. As a Christian God promises that in the midst of death, there is life. In the midst of sorrow, there is joy. Everything that happens in our life is meant to be used for His Glory & to reach out to others. Sometimes we aren't able to reach out to other people until we have actually been through our own valleys.

I am so unworthy of the Grace that has been given to me. There are so many ways that I fail God, myself, & others. I'm only human, and I have a lot of limitations. I fail at a lot of things, and if I allow myself to dwell on it, then I am the world's best at defeating myself. No one knows how to bring me down better than I do! I can find the flaws in other people's accusations against me, but if I decide to swing the hammer on myself, I will hit the "sweet spot" every single time. Everytime I do or say something wrong I immediately find fault with myself. I am awful when I try to tell a lie because as soon as it comes out anyone who knows me can catch the sudden look of conflict that I can't hide on my face. I am a very tender hearted person, and I make no apologies for my lack of a "poker face." Fortunately and unfortunately I have inherited a great deal of my personality from my grandfather Papa. I have watched that man experience every kind of emotion from happiness, to gratefulness, to fear, worry, anger, sadness, and laughter. He didn't try to hide his feelings, and he'd always say, "It is what It is!" I can't tell you how often I find myself saying the same thing. I've never been able to pretend I like something, when I don't. I've never been able to conceal my delight, enthusiasm, or excitement over things that I love. We are never more than a breath away from leaving this world, so we shouldn't try to hide our feelings from one another. When you love someone, don't just say it, SHOW IT! Try to show others the appreciation you have for them while you are able, because you never know how much they may need or appreciate your encouragement!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What's going on in our neck of the woods?

I haven't really had any time to blog lately because we have been so busy. This morning Jon & I were up bright and early to be one of the first church groups to drop off our Operation Christmas Child boxes at the Rose Hill Regional Collection Center. We are so excited that Trinity Presbyterian has gotten on board with this wonderful outreach ministry. Last year was our little church's first year to put together boxes, and we had 82. This year was our second time to do it, and we had 128 boxes! I just can't tell you how pleased I am that it has been such a success!
This was my 10th year to be involved with filling shoe boxes. It has been a wonderful tradition in mine and Jon's house that we have been doing together since we first got married. Jon & I got married November 19, 2004, just a week before our church at the time collected the boxes. Like most newlyweds who are still in school, we didn't have a lot of money, but as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we went out & bought our first Christmas Tree & 4 plastic boxes, 2 we filled with boy toys & the other 2 with girl toys.
Speaking of our wedding date, you might have noticed that Jon & I are just a few days away from our 6th anniversary. How does it happen so fast? WOW!
So, in honor of our upcoming anniversary I will tell you the best part of our marriage is the way we always have something to laugh about with each other. These are 6 of our all time funniest moments!
1. A few years ago on our way back from South Padre we had a flat tire & Jon got so sweaty putting the donut on that he took his shirt off. We get down the road about 10 miles, & come to a US citizen check point. Lots of the cars are just being waved through, but we got asked to stop. The border patrol looks at us & asks Jon if he is an American citizen (yes I know that my Italian husband looks Mexican when he is tan). Jon's immediate response, "Si!" Oh my goodness! I almost killed him! I think the officer could tell by my face that someone was about to get it, so he waved us on through. It wasn't funny at the time, but now it is one of those things we crack up about.
2. In the middle of a conversation about kid names I had a blonde moment & said, "If you're going to call a boy Dick, then don't name him Robert!" (I don't think that one needs any further explanation)
3. On that same previously mentioned trip to South Padre we were riding along, and out of no where Jon just blurts out, "Ocean fish have teeth."
4. One day I decided to take up the tile in Jon's bathroom. Without having a clue what I was doing I took a hammer & went to pounding the old porcelain tile up to dust! I had gotten about 3 square feet done when Jon came in to find me in a cloud of dust with a really bad hurting elbow. I soon learned there was a much easier way to get up tile that didn't even create a lot of dust.
5. We were looking at Christmas trees in Target, & Jon said, "I like this one, look it has Coney Maronies on it!" (pine cones)
6. On the 4th of July just after we moved in our house & we hadn't gotten the carpet up. I had the "Brilliant" idea to light a sparkler in the living room.... I'd seen it in a movie OK!! Well one of the sparks hit my hand, and I dropped the Sparkler & singed the Carpet right in front of the fireplace. Jon was watching the whole episode completely stunned because he couldn't believe what his pyro wife was doing!
& 1 to grow on...
Last night I had to stop Jon in his tracks because he was about to spray his toothbrush with Lysol! He thought that since he's been sick he needed to disinfect it. Luckily I got to him just in time & introduced him to my bottle of Listerine that I use to soak my retainer in.
We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!

Monday, November 1, 2010


This is a little Eurasian girl that was adopted this year from a an orphanage in Russia in the arms of her very proud papa. Isn't she a doll!

How do I follow my previous post? What can I share with you that would be of any value in comparison to the lives of so many children? It isn't easy to answer that question. If the information I shared caused one person to think... "Wow, I had no idea! If I could, or if I can in the future I want to adopt, or help someone else that is adopting one of these children," then it made a difference that I am proud of. Adoption has a lot of expense on the front end, and I don't know of very many people that have enough money in their checking account to pay for it at once. Some good news is, there are lots of places that make low or no interest loans to help pay for adoption. Also, part of the money that is spent adopting a child is given to help those that are still left behind in orphanages.

In my previous post I mentioned people with infertility issues because for many years they have been the main group who ends up choosing adoption. Any adoption agency will tell you that the number of people trying to adopt since IVF and surrogacy has dropped dramatically. The only problem is that the number of children that need to be adopted has not changed.

After speaking with the President of Grace International Adoption Agency last week, I discovered that right now there is no waiting time to get a child through foreign adoption. Once a couple's paperwork and home study is complete they will typically be home with their child in 3 to 5 months. They also caution couples to be aware that they may be referred a child that they must travel to see in as little as one month! Those of you who have been following my blog know that Jon is adopted. His parents applied to two or three adoption agencies, and waited for him for 3 1/2 years! So there are a lot of things that have changed.

I have nothing but compassion and empathy for couples that want to have children, & have run into an unexpected dip in the road. I know I have referred to the movie before, but completely fell apart watching Up when Carl & Ellie are daydreaming and making plans to have a baby, then she discovers that she can't, & goes out to sit in the backyard alone. I can't tell you how many hours I spent in our back porch swing thinking, "What are they chances?" "Why am I going through this?" "What should we do?" I finally stopped feeling helpless when I quit asking myself these questions, and I turned all of my fears, frustrations, hopes, and questions over to the Lord. Can I just tell you right now, that what ever IT is that you may be struggling to deal with, HE is able to take care of IT? I have complete peace that whatever is supposed to happen is going to. I don't feel defeated, and because of that my life is just as complete right now without a child yet as it will be when we get one.

Some people may think that I am completely against medical research and infertility advancements. As someone that has completed Institutional Review Board certification (to oversee & review doctors, scientists, and others who wish to conduct medical experiments on humans) I can promise you that assumption is the furthest thing from the truth. I love research, not only is it necessary, but it is interesting (yes I've admitted that I'm a nerd on more than one occasion). I've had a couple ideas of my own that I've researched, and would like to have a qualified person conduct further experiments on.

My 27th birthday was on Sunday, and it meant a lot to have so many people send me their best wishes on facebook, through cards, & on the phone. I hope everyone is getting that inner excitement for the Thanksgiving & Christmas season. I know I am!
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