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Sunday, January 31, 2010

One New Years Resolution Complete

We all have one or two or maybe a dozen of those drawers that are scary to open because you never know... something just might jump out and bite you! For some reason as OCD as I am I have always kept the top drawer of my nightstand like a rat's nest. You're thinking... it's only one drawer how bad could it be? Well you're looking at exibit A... I decided it was time to fix this situation once and for all. I got one of those really cool adjustable pop up drawer organizers from Wally's-Mo's (Wal-Mart), and I am pleased to report that the situation is now completely under control. There is a section for the cough drops, the ink pens (by the way could someone explain to me why I have this thing for ink pens?), the Gameboy, oh and let's not forget the 12 sticks of chap stick that I've bought over and over because I couldn't find the stuff. I shredded what needed to be shredded, and I parted with the two toothpicks, the twisty tie, and whatever else was in there that didn't make any sense. The only money I discovered doing all of this was 1 penny. It is now tucked into my little piggy bank waiting for more friends to come join it. I would have to say that my happiest discovery on this cleaning escapade (besides the fact that there is a bottom to the drawer) was my sterling silver tennis racquet Tiffany & Co. Ink pen that my Mom gave me for Christmas right after I turned 16. Ten years, I'd have to say that is the longest I have ever kept up with a single ink pen. I was really worried about 3 months ago when I thought I had lost it, but happy day that which was lost is now found, and it is enjoying it's new and improved pen section :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Many people could argue about the single greatest invention of the 20th century, but unless they're thinking about elastic they're wrong. Elastic has become a very important component of my wardrobe. I could say it is because I have severe acid reflux and the doctor did tell me to wear loose fitting clothes, which is true. But the real underlying reason is this... "I ain't as good as I once was, but with a little elastic I'm good once as I ever was!" Seriously imagine a world without it, I don't want to it's scary!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You know that feeling you have when you first fall in love? You're happy, you can't stop thinking about it, you can't wait to be with the person again, and when you're with them you lose track of time, and you don't care if you ever eat or sleep again, you seriously have to force yourself to pull away and go to the restroom.

This is the feeling I get when I am painting something I love! Right now I am so so in love with my latest oil painting project. You see I have this thing with Vera Bradley (and don't pretend that you don't because it is all fabulous!). So I've chosen my ten all time favorite fabrics, and I'm painting them. Why ten? That's the number of canvases that came in the package, but I could very well do two more to make it an even dozen. This is also a really good way to keep myself from having that feeling that the world is going to end if I don't get just one little piece of all the ones I like. They will be forever immortalized and hanging on the wall. (Just which wall? Looks like I'm going to have to start hanging them from the ground up!)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today's blog is about nuns. How I came to this is simple. I had to drive through the St. Michael's rehab road after dropping Mom off at Orr Hyundai to get her car. I looked up at the street sign, and it read Mary Hermann Joseph. Suddenly I found myself thinking.... How do they come up with those names. I get the Mary bit but of all things Herman Joseph? After giving it some thought I decided that if I were a nun I'd be Sister Mary Merlin Nezbit the Merlin Nezbit comes from Mom and Dad's cat, and he's black and white kinda like a nun habit.

Growing up Baptist, and now being a Presbyterian, I've always had a bit of a fascination with nuns thanks to one of my favorite movies The Trouble With Angels. I thought Sister Mary Constance was so pretty, but the Mother Superior was a real drag. Seriously all the girls wanted to do was have a little fun, and she was so down on them. It was the 1960's so what if they wanted to smoke, Who didn't? I'm not so sure the Surgeon General even existed yet. No, I don't smoke, I think it is disgusting, and I know what it does to your lungs. But no one knew all this back then, so I'm pretty sure I would have tried to smoke with one of those long cigarette holders like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (also another one of my faves).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Housekeeping

For the most part I am a neat freak. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. This does not mean that I like laundry. My Mom posted on her Facebook that she finds laundry relaxing, and how I told her the only thing I like about it is pulling the lint off of the lint screen. It's true. I hate it, it never ends, and it just wears me out! I have no problem taking the trash in and out, scrubbing toilets, or vacuuming the floors. Here's the deal about laundry... It doesn't make the house look any prettier on the surface, folding it is not a job for a princess, no sooner is it done than you've got to do it again. You mop the floor most of the time you're good for about 5 days. You scrub the bathroom down, make everyone spray their shower with the arm n hammer stuff when they get out, put in a fresh scrubbing bubbles gel glob, and you're good for a week. I know it sounds really bad to admit this, but here it is... If I had a lot of money I would hire someone to come do it for me, and if I had a ton of money like Paris Hilton I'd wear it all once and send it to a charitable organization like Goodwill or Salvation Army. I'd have my favorite things sent to the dry cleaners or something like that. But since I really don't see any of this in my future, I'll just have to muddle through somehow. I'm thinking I should probably see a therapist for this, or maybe someone could hypnotize me into thinking it's just as much fun as growing roses.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pedi Paws

As of yesterday all of my four legged friends with claws have been freshly Pedi Pawed. If you ever wanted to know what it would smell like if you were to set dirt on fire grab the closest cat or dog you can find, and take 'em down with the Pedi Paw.

My black cat Zip and crazy middle dog Cookie both actually like getting their manicures, but Sasha my big dog, and Winston the schnauzer would rather jump off a cliff than do it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

So... Can we talk about your swimsuit?

There was once a time when the thought of a new swimsuit was just beyond delightful and exciting. I couldn't wait to go to the beach, the country club, the neighbors, the wading pool in the back yard, or even the sprinkler. You name it, I loved swimsuits. My favorite one when I was a little girl was red plaid with really frilly ruffles around the neck and down the back. If my memory serves me correctly it also had a cute bow above the butt.

Every spring the Victoria's Secret magazine arrives, and it is always closely followed by the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Somehow my old love of bathing attire has vanished. So this brings me to the point of today's blog...

Can we talk about your swimsuit? I'd like to give everyone out there a couple tips. Unless you are under 120 lbs. white and stringy should not be in the picture. If you've blown out the candles on more than a quarter of a century then throw the Victoria's Secret away and reach for a copy of Lands End or one of those Sam's Club black one piece Speedo swimsuits. However, should you decide to throw caution to the wind then head on down to Destin, Florida where you can see more than you wanted to see, and you can show more than anyone wants you to show.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


According to the bathroom reader calendar that my mom got us for Christmas Koalas are very prone to chlamydia... How random is that? Sounds like something straight out of The Gilmore Girls. I've always thought they were so cute. However, due to the nature of this troubling new information I suggest we add koalas to the long list of animals that we need to leave alone: turtles, frogs, mice, any and all types of bugs, slithery things, and now koalas.

Time to Take a Stand

In one great act of rebellion I decided "Nope not gonna make the bed this morning!" as long as it isn't made I won't feel so bad about crawling up in it and taking a knap this afternoon. After the lousy sleep I got last night the promise of a knap is the only thing that is going to get me through the day. Bartender, I'll take a Dr. Pepper please and make that a double!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tell Me No Lies and Keep Your Germs to Yourself!

Despite the icky weather I've managed to keep myself feeling pretty healthy this winter... That is until I went back to my college art class yesterday. One of the ladies I paint with came up and hugged me and we talked some. A few hours later she lets it slip that she spent all day Monday wrapped around the toilet. UGH! Well if she wanted someone else to catch what she had because misery loves company... I am here to announce that she was indeed successful.
So this is just a blip. It seems as good a way to start as any.
I chose my blog name because I love watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. I just can't get into any of the others.
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